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Size Chart

Size Charts

Understanding that ring sizes can vary widely from one brand to another, we've created our own Posthuman Lab ring sizing guide to ensure you find the perfect fit with us:

Exo Enigma Headband: 
To guarantee the most comfortable fit for your Exo Enigma Headband, please measure from the top of your head down to your ears. If your measurement falls within the average head size, Size 1 should be your perfect match, featuring an overall headband height of 18 cm and a 15 cm length from the top to your ears.

Extrarius Mask:

For the perfect fit of your Extrarius Mask, it's important to measure the distance from your left cheekbone to your right cheekbone. For a female face, the standard Size 1 is 16 cm, and for a male face, the standard Size 2 is 18 cm.


Neo Apotheosis Top:

To ensure the most comfortable fit for your Neo Apotheosis Top, please measure your chest circumference.

For sizing details on all other items, please refer to the 'Size' section under each product description on the product pages for further information.