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Mission Statement
Exploring new frontiers in how accessories designed and created, while augmenting human fashion.
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Founder & CEO
Behind the facade of this futuristic mecha-machine stand bionic beings.

Lena Dang, the founder and creative director of Posthuman Lab, assembled a team of prodigiously talented individuals that are now at the core of this brand.

With her DNA rooted in business and finance, she started her first accessories venture in 2018. Inspired by underground Melbourne techno scene with her obsession over dystopian philosophy and cyberpunk, her cerebral cortex sparked the “big bang” giving  life to Posthuman Lab.

”With emerging technologies like machine learning coupled up with 3D printing we are able to bring sci-fi fashion into physical realms making us closer to Posthumans. We are a community of creative intellectuals who transcends the ordinary, break established boundaries and expand our consciousness ”.

- Lena

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